Manal Oliver & Associates was founded with the idea of providing superior services to small businesses and individuals. We have continued to operate according to these beliefs and, in turn, we have accrued a diversified client base that is primarily comprised of family and entrepreneurial-owned and operated business in Miami and Miami Beach. Our relationships with the owners and decision makers of these businesses have strengthened over the years.

Our clients represent a wide variety of industries including:

Manufacturing/Distribution - including manufacturers and designers/builders in the robotics and systems integration sectors, warehouses, and processors and distributors.

High Technology - including information and knowledge management, intellectual property-based Internet services, software and web site developers.

Business and Professional Services - including healthcare, engineering, architectural, legal, advertising, public relations, restaurants, entertainment, training and people development and business consulting.

Construction Contractors - including general and trade contractors, commercial and residential builders.

Real Estate Developers - including commercial and residential land development, rental and owner occupied properties, limited partnerships, LLCs and complex entity structures.

Tax Services