Immediate access to your accounting via the web with additional benefits.

Online accounting solutions give business owners a new level of freedom. Accounting Online refers to the technology and tools that allow a business owner to conduct accounting transactions via the Internet with the support of an accountant or bookkeeper. This means, at any time and from any location books can be reviewed and bills can be paid from a home office or any other place with Internet access. Working with us, business owners can also get help and advice from an accountant or bookkeeper in real-time.

Together with our client, we decide which steps in the process will be performed in-house. With our client's permission, Manal Oliver & Associates will access data files and take care of all our client's other needs. Working together we create systems to make a business run smoothly. Accounting information is accessed via our remote hosting partner or through e-mail file transfers. We also can access information directly from a client's computer using LogMeIn.

In today's busy world, more than ever, ease of financial management is a necessity. Accounting Online fulfills that need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Security and Privacy

We highly value our clients' trust and confidence and their personal information is kept completely confidential.

Handling your finances online means sending information back and forth between our computers and yours through an advanced electronic channel. Be assured that the information you access via the Internet is just as secure as the information you would get from our office. All data is properly secured and regularly backed-up.

As with security issues, your privacy is well protected by us. Accountants have been and continue to be bound by stringent professional standards of confidentiality. Therefore, we always protect your right to privacy.

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