Miami Beach accountant Manal Oliver and Associates are so excited to introduce our very first accounting blog, introducing our various services and expertise. Armed with a degree from Franklin University, Manal specializes in cost effective solutions regarding tax preparations, representation before the IRS, tax planning, business startups, relocation tax issues and more.

A Bit About Miami Beach Accountant Manal Oliver

Miami Beach AccountantThe Miami Beach accountant doesn’t only have an accounting office in the area, she also resides there and is active in the community. She’s a member of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, Miami Beach Arts Trust and a former board member of the Miami Beach Design Preservation League. Manal is also part of the Miami-Dade Gay/Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Tax Professionals. Working with Manal Oliver and Associates means you have someone by your side, helping you navigate the financials of your small to medium sized business.

You can count on transparency, efficiency and reliability. Feel free to ask questions at any time, and expect a credible answer to help you handle the challenges that can come with running your own company. And if the English language isn’t your native tongue, no worries this Miami Beach accounting firm’s staff is bilingual.

Online Accounting Accessed From Anywhere

The best part of working with Manal Oliver and Associates is the possibility of virtual accounting. This gives you more freedom because you can do many accounting transactions just by logging onto the internet. From review files to making payments, preparing invoices and more, we can help you set up a system that works for you, helping you be more productive and hands-on.

You can also review balance sheets, profits, losses along with cash flow. Security and privacy is top of mind when it comes to online accounting, so you have nothing to worry about when working with this Miami Beach accountant.

Miami Beach Accountant Services

Working with an accounting firm allows you more than just keeping your books organized. Having an expert in numbers means you can really focus on what you do best, which is run the day-to-day activities involved with your business. From inventory to purchasing supplies, hiring, marketing and building stronger vendor relationships, the reality is that it’s challenging to grow a business.

With an expert accountant, you can get help seeing the bigger picture. See where you spend your money, where you can save money, perhaps find better credit cards for your needs, as well as plan out the year for better financial health.

Miami Beach accounting

Of course when tax season approaches, an expert accountant can help ensure you accrue every credit you qualify for, receive every legal deduction that’s available to you from meal write offs to travel expenses and transportation. Manal Oliver will make sure you get the best possible tax return so you can keep growing your business. And should you have any problem arise with the IRS, know that you’ll have someone trustworthy and knowledgeable by your side. From audits to past moneys due to appeals representation and confusing IRS correspondence, this Miami Beach accounting form can take care of it.

Relocation taxes is another one of our expertise. Did you know that in 2012, 8.9 million people moved to new states? According to the Governing Data, 7.1 million of them moved to other states in the U.S. while 1.8 million moved to new countries. Manal Oliver and Associates handles tax problems that can rise up when people move from state to state,by preparing tax returns that include home sales, pension rollovers, non-resident income allocations, moving expenses and more. So if you and your loved ones are going through relocation, check in with the Miami Beach accountant for help navigating the confusing accounting.

Florida Residents, IRS Postpones Tax Filing For Hurricane Irma Victims

Hurricane Irma victims in Florida now have until January 31 2018 to file certain individual and business tax returns and make tax payments. This includes a variety of business tax deadlines such as the Oct 31. one for quarterly payroll, the calendar-year partnerships whose extensions ran out on Sept.15 and more.

Go to IRS.Gov for more information on how this tax filing news may affect you or get in touch with Manal and Associates at 305.868.7620.