Your Miami Beach tax audit CPA Can Represent Your Business Before the IRS – But who else?

miami beach tax audit cpa

Tax audits are no fun, but of course you already knew that. About 2.5% of small businesses are audited every year, where the IRS takes a closer look at tax returns, verifying that income and deductions all check out. There are various triggers for a tax audit including reporting a loss year after year or even reporting a high income of over a million dollars.

Your Miami Beach tax audit CPA remind you that real estate loss, missing income and high deductions can also catch the IRS’ attention. But as long as your accounting is in order, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s important to have a tax representative by your side to represent you and your business when dealing with the IRS.

Your Miami Beach tax audit CPA can represent your business

tax audit CPATechnically speaking anyone can practice before the IRS, you can even represent yourself or have a relative do the job. If you have employees or a business partner, that would also work. You can employ an un-enrolled preparer. That’s anyone that you pay to prepare your business’ tax return, but that is not a certified public accountant or an attorney. He or she can’t be an enrolled agent either, because those have passed a three-part comprehensive IRS test covering tax returns and represent the highest IRS credential. This award includes 72 hours of continuing education courses every three years.

An un-enrolled preparer can represent your business before IRS agents and customer service representatives, but not appeals officers, revenue officers or counsel. He or she can’t sign papers on your behalf either, so the representation is more limited.

CPAs and accountants

CPAs and accountantsBoth certified public accountants and accountants can represent your business in a tax audit. All CPAs are accountants, but not all accountants are CPAs. Accountants are financial and tax professionals that follow the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles set by the Financial Accounting Standards Board. The IRS considers them un-enrolled preparers. But CPAs have also passed a licensing exam in the state in which they practice. There’s continuing education involved as well. In other words, accountants aren’t licensed.

CPAs, like your Miami Beach tax audit CPA who are also specialists in Collection and Appeals, have greater knowledge of tax code than accountants. They can sign documents on your behalf and provide financial analysis they’re ready to back up, putting their own reputation on the line. CPAS can help with any matter involving levies, installment agreements, bankruptcy, adjustment of assessment, penalty relief and more.

Tax attorneys

Charges of evasion, tax fraud or mishandling can lead to big problems, which is why some people have to go with an attorney, not a CPA. Also, if you plan on bringing suit against tax court, a tax attorney would be the way to go because they’re familiar with the courtroom. Their focus is on legal implications of tax issues.

If you need a tax audit representative to practice on your behalf before the IRS, call Your Miami Beach tax audit CPA at 305.868.7620.