Why Going (Somewhat) Paperless?

Miami Beach Accounting PracticeEarth Day was just a few days ago, so being good to the environment is still on everyone’s mind at our Miami Beach accounting practice. While some planted trees and others participated in beach cleanups, we decided to make an effort in being a little more paperless around the office.

Miami Beach Accounting Practice – Did you know the average American uses about 700 pounds of paper every year? That adds up to about 300 million tons accumulated yearly. Staggering numbers, right? Talk about carbon footprint disaster: Trees are cut, deforestation, manufacturing paper products and distribution all adds up. While you (and we) may not be able to completely go paperless, we can certainly reduce the paper we use by doing more online accouting. Here’s why it’s our best interest:

Going paperless can help you save space and money

Going paperlessImagine no filing cabinet or archive boxes filled with paperwork, or perhaps less of them. Instead of having clutter around the office, imagine a streamlined space, clear and wide open for everything else, from plants to coffee machines to greater focus and concentration. When you’re not using as much paper, you’re not printing (or faxing) either, so you’re saving on ink cartridges, paper itself of course, as well as printers.

You’re also saving the cost of technicians every time it jams and the time needed to shred all that paper. Save on all those post-its too, chat with colleagues by instant messenger instead. There are plenty of inter-office chatting programs including Slack, Ryver, HipChat and Flowdock. Many of them are free and boast a variety of features from dropping files to status updates, screen sharing and more.

Going paperless means keeping track with restricted access

With paper records, safety and security protocols is serious business, because all you need is a key to gain access. Most importantly, there’s less accountability. But when you go paperless, and use digital files to do business, you can easily track who’s reviewed them. Everyone has a username and password, allowing management to verify who’s reviewed files and when. Plus, you can also restrict access to certain members of your team.

Improved customer service by going paperless

slack going paperlessThis Miami Beach accounting practice knows that when you can retrieve and organize files, you can also serve them faster to clients. No more looking around through huge piles of paperwork, a simple digital search with the right keyword gives you all the information you need fast. Think more efficiency, productivity and better customer service.

Plus, when the information is digital, even clients can access it through personal logins and portals, allowing them to review contracts and sign documents electronically. There’s no need for them to take time out of their day to do the administrative part of their business, instead they can focus on more income-generating activities.

Online accounting

At Manal Oliver and Associates, you can conduct accounting transaction online with our support. You can pay bills, review confidential data files, and more, right from your home or business. You can count on high-level security and privacy, as well as continuous back-up to your data. Our Miami Beach accounting practice can also gain access to your personal computers by using LogMeIn, with your permission of course, should we need to retrieve specific information. LogMeIn is the #1, cloud-based, remote connectivity platform that allows to store, share and collaborate across various devices.

For more information on online accounting, call Manal and Associates at 305.868.7620