How To Grow Your Small Business and Revenue Right Now

Small Business And RevenueWith remote work becoming ever so popular and independent contractors tapping into every industry from real estate to healthcare, small business today is completely redefined. It’s no longer the local bakery around the corner or the eclectic clothing boutique down the road. In the 21st century, small business has countless faces.

The responsibility though has also grown to include many facets of big business, such as compliance, staffing, cash flow and so on. Owning your own company today, from sole proprietorship to s-corporation and beyond, means having to consistently be growing your business.

Staying In Business Is Hard Business

The Miami Beach financial consultants know there’s no downtime for entrepreneurs, survival is key. In fact most businesses don’t even make it past the five year mark. According to the Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, only 45.4% to 51% of companies keep their doors open, so to speak, after five years. So why is it so hard to stay in business? If you ask CB Insights, which analyzed over 100 businesses, they’ll tell you that a few factors come into play. For example, no market need. Not enough people need the product or service being offered. Not enough capital or having the wrong team in place are other reasons for business failure.

The good news is that there are ways for you to increase your odds of success. A good entrepreneur uses a wide variety of tools to thrive in today’s marketplace. So how do you grow your small business and revenue right now? The Miami Beach financial consultants are here to shine the light on a few areas as well as high-tech platforms to ensure you keep thriving.

Remember though, in these times where customers have a huge choice and rely on reviews and referrals, it’s crucial your company keeps focusing on them.

Communication Is Essential To Good Business

The right conversations and messaging drives collaboration among colleagues as well as with customers. Communicating encourages efficiency, productivity and revenue. Gmail is a platform that’s widely used since it’s affordable and allows for a person to have their own domain address. It works with plenty of apps, such as Google Drive and Calendar that make meetings, transferring and collaborating on documents easy.

With Nextiva, your company can enjoy a unified communication platform including internet ax, VoIP and video conferencing. GoToMeeting is another popular tool for small business which makes real-time meeting possible not only with video conferencing, but also with desktop sharing.

Instant messaging up are pretty popular too, working like chat boxes making communication among teams extremely convenient. Think Slack, HipChat, Stride and Flowdock.

Sales & Marketing Tools For More Revenue

To grow your small business and revenue right now, you also need to have you marketing drive your strategy. Many companies use tools such as Ahrefs to bolster their seo, especially if they’re trying to drive traffic to their website. The platform offers many resources including auditing your site, exploring competitors, research keywords and build effective backlinks.

GetResponseGoogle Analytics is probably one of the most common ways to track your website activity, since it offers so much detail about your visitors. Who they are? How much traffic? How did they find you? And so on. GetResponse is great for email campaigns, since it features autoresponders, conversation tracking, template customization and task automation.

For more sales power, the Miami Beach financial consultants suggest you check out Yesware. Companies lilke Groupon, Sqaure, and Zendesk use Yesware, so you know you’re in good company.

Build Long Lasting Relationships

A Customer relationship management allows you to record and keep track of a wide variety of leads. You can manage all of the interactions that are happening daily and gain insight on how to improve retention and sales. A CRM system helps companies build more meaningful relationships, and connect with customers across a variety of areas including customer service, marketing, community engagement and more.

CRM platformsSalesforce is one of the most popular CRM platforms, but for small business Zoho and HubSpot are common. To grow your small business and revenue right now, you can leverage Zoho for office productivity, email marketing, lead generation and customer relationship management.

HubSpot offers a free CRM system for smaller teams and startups, helping them log all customer management activities leading them to a sales funnel.

Don’t Forget Managing Your Cash Flow

The Miami Beach financial consultants remind you that proper accounting is also an essential part of growing revenue. Most businesses fail due to poor cash flow. When it comes to your funds, it’s important for you to track, optimize, and budget. Call MOA Accounting at 305.868.7620 for details on QuickBooks training.