Government Relief Programs – The last few months have certainly been quite stressful for most everyone, and we at Manal Oliver & Associates are certainly no exception. We hope everyone is being safe and taking care of their family and friends. All our staff is still in place as we continue working with our clients and adding a few new ones as well. Most of us are working from home; however, there is usually one person in the office every weekday. Everyone is available at their office extensions and eMail. I’m available at my office number as well as by email, Or Join me for a video conference on Zoom.

Relief Programs

We started planning in early March to begin working remotely and started notifying our clients we were not seeing anyone in our office shortly after that. We had a trouble free transition from office to home office.

Since the relief programs for small businesses became available in March, we have been devoting most of our time to helping our clients, as well as individual business owners, organize the paper-work and submit the information for their loans. I have built a good working relationship with some of the lenders, and we have helped over 50 businesses and individuals file for the relief program. Only one applicant has not been approved, and I’m still working on getting them approved. Money is still available, so there is still time to apply if you need help, and there is possibly another 3 trillion dollars that might come in handy soon.

As most of our time for the last few months have been spent on helping people enroll in the relief programs, we have put tax returns on the back burner for the time being. We will resume preparing and filing tax returns before the end of May. If you need special assistance now, please let me know via eMail.

Contact Manal for help with Government Relief Programs: 305.868.7620

If you plan to re-open your business soon or feel this is an excellent time to start a new one, let us help you organize and plan so you can move forward and grow at a pace that is affordable and doesn’t overextend you as we adjust to the new 90% economy.