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Miami Beach accountant Manal Oliver and Associates are so excited to introduce our very first accounting blog, introducing our various services and expertise. Armed with a degree from Franklin University, Manal specializes in cost effective solutions regarding tax preparations, representation before the IRS, tax planning, business startups, relocation tax issues and more.

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Financial Red Flags Before Turning 30

Financial Red Flags Before Turning 30! Ahhh our 30s, meant for growing up and turning into a full-fledged adult. You’re probably more settled in your career, perhaps even in your personal life. You’re thinking of things that definitely weren’t on your mind in your 20s. Marriage? Buying a house? Life insurance? As we enter our...

Six Tax Breaks For Parents

Six Tax Breaks For Parents. Tax season is right around the corner, as Americans scramble to organize paperwork, collect 1099s and find their dedicated accountants before April deadline hits. Everyone has their own set of tax brackets, deductions and so on, but parents have a unique tax breaks only for them...

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